All in one platform

AI-ML Powered Analytics for Everyone

From Manufacturing and finance to marketing, retail, and more, ABI is a one stack Analytics solution for every industry & Every Role!!!


Solution for all Functions

Turn Complex Data into Powerful Intelligence


Enable C-level and other top executives to gain a bird’s-eye view and identify strengths and weaknesses in real-time, freeing them from the traditional bottleneck of manual reporting.

Connect to your IT data and Track the metrics that matter to you to keep the entire company running safely. Improve data governance, security, and scalability. Spot underused systems and applications

An accurate picture of your company's financial health, reduce costs and manage risks, improve profitability and transparency into a single solution you control.

Accelerate your decision making by accessing all your operational and customer data in one place from forecasting, planning, production, warehousing & transportation and Improve efficiency with pre-built KPIs

Find actionable insights to increase revenue & access to up-to-date forecasts, broken down by individual rep or rolled up. Analyze all current and historical data to identify trends and behavior patterns.

Track multiple customer service metrics and get a clear view of the team’s performance.  Analyzing volumes of data to your retention efforts and reduce customer churn and see how satisfied your customers are.

Solutions for Every Industry.


The manufacturer needs to get the job done right. Keep up with inventory, check on supply chain efficiency and forecast production, eliminate scrap all from a single platform

Improve business decisions about operations, suppliers, assets, risks that directly impact your business performance. Improve efficiency and reduce downtime

Put data directly in the hands of store managers and front-line associates, omnichannel marketers, to supply chain specialists, thirsting for real-time data.

Quickly adapt to changing market demands. Extend customer lifetime value by Transform key business processes, deliver convergent services to sell and enhance customer relationships.

Drive tangible results with customers, partners, and supply chain processes with near real-time reports from current data to drive continuous improvements.

Government and Education have tremendous amounts of siloed data to uncover opportunities for improving operations and citizen services and gain transparency, reduce fraud, waste.

 Connects to your existing web analytics, CRM & advertising platforms allows you to analyze to gain a deeper knowledge of acquiring leads, opportunities, and customers.

Analyze BIG data goldmine in a highly robust environment, Analyze your big data with ease and derive key business insights from any big data sources like relational, NoSQL & cloud.

Solutions for Builders


 Developer toolkit lets you build, customize, embed, and deploy custom analytics at any scale. Create tailor-made, seamless end-user experiences and bring innovative data products.

Build the most robust data pipelines with greater governance, agility, and speed. Empower your business users with AI-powered analytics and insights they can act on & Automate data workflows.

Deliver insights and analysis across your entire current and historical dataset on the fly. Refine analysis of any value and complex calculations. Work with Data Models to gain new insights & drive user adoption.

 Explore data without limits and answer questions on the fly with AI-driven business analytics. As an end-user you’ll gain new insights that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachable

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