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we’ve built a platform that empowers every business with data and insights. Makes it simple for you to connect, transform, Visualize-Analyze the data in meaningful information with NO CODE or LOW CODE!

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Analogyx BI- database agonistics connectivity helps you ease of connecting data from different databases or from multiple business applications & social media applications. ABI will consolidate data spread across different databases and applications to offer you a unified view of your business.

Connect data from anywhere 

Hundreds of ways to connect to your data, ABI eliminates time-consuming and costly engineering projects.

Link, merge and access your data with ABI as the data hub between all your applications.

Ingest data from any proprietary systems, on-premises systems or flat files.

Send data to your source systems with our bi-directional connectors.



Build your analytics by codeless AGx data preparation engine.

AGX Transformation Engine - ETL

Transform data from all your systems right into the ABI Platform with our drag-and-drop ETL.

Join MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel, and hundreds of other data sources from multiple platforms. 

Define data sources and actions to combine and enhance your data visually with no SQL expertise required.

Use SQL commands to write custom Queries for subqueries, advanced joins, and sub-selects. 

Automatically applying logic every time the dataset is updated


Create interactive visualizations to understand, tell and share real-time stories about your business. Visualize raw data from across your organization to make it actionable, so you get to immediate insights.

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Discover more with the Right Visualization

Personalize visual layouts with colors, explanatory text, resize—no coding required.

Create your visualization by selecting 50+ different chart types, data series, and filters.

Get real-time views of your data, even on hundreds of billions of rows.

Save time with pre-built dashboards spread across roles and industries.

Make data-driven decisions.

ABI's predictive analytics and advanced Analytics to stay one step ahead in your business.

Annotate the chart data for further analyzing the spike that happened during the event or promotion.

Refine the data by adding or removing data points, creating calculated fields, and filtering the data.

Access your dashboards from any device for real-time insights anytime.

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Sharing and Collaboration

Create Dashboards, reports with your colleagues. Share with each other, for informed business decision making.

Share Info with All 


Create Dashboards, reports with your colleagues. Share with each other, for informed business decision making.

Create & share personalized dashboards for your customers and vendor.

Simplify the administration of your data, with no need to create a separate pipeline.

Publish your reports & dashboards and make them accessible to users with/without logins

Schedule your reports and dashboards to be automatically emailed. Export or print reports for offline access.

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Security & Governance ​

Enterprise level security to secure sensitive information with unlimited personalized data permissions.

Enterprise- Level Security in Your Hand


Monitor your Data in real-time, view all of the Applications connected to ABI in a single view.

Monitor user login attempts, content use, activity with date/time, and status of data sets.

Control data access with personalized data permissions at the user and row levels. 

Control all the content by filtering to the appropriate data for each User before it is shared.