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The partnership development strategy is based on a mutually beneficial approach. Your company can increase profitability and enter new verticals while establishing your business in new markets. ABI Partner developer tools will help partners build native integrations that work seamlessly with the ABI Platform to collect, store, and connect to the data. 

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ABI partners may resell or refer to the ABI platform, provide technical and industry expertise, or offer implementation and services to customers.

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Reseller Partner

Referral / Individual

Analogyx BI Reseller Partners are technology service providers that refer or resell the ABI platform and solutions.  No need to have trained or dedicated staff. ABI will do the setup, support, and training to customers

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Service Partner

VARs, Consultants, Implementation

Analogyx BI Services Partners

complement ABI Analytics with their existing solutions like ERP, CRM or any business application and deliver the entire ABI experience, including set up, sales, service, support, training,

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Technology Partner


Analogyx BI Technology Partners create joint solutions with ABI.

Expand offerings into the ABI SaaS environment, and provide a complete view of data without building the back-end infrastructure. 

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Platform Partner

Al- ML

Analogyx BI Platform Partner builds customized solutions on the existing ABI platform. This could be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution powered by Machine Learning (ML) tailored to a specific industry or a custom solution for a specific client.

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Distributor Partner


Analogyx BI Distributor Partner has the right to market, cooperatively market, distribute, resell, license, or otherwise provide an ABI's products or services.  Hire/manage resellers. Be an Exclusive or nonexclusive partner by region, country or by business application