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Data Visualization for Everyone

Create interactive charts, graphs, maps, and other visualizations of your data with just a few clicks.

Analogyx BI Visualization

Turn complex sets of data into meaningful visualizations

Unleash data transparency across the organization through its ability to visually communicate data in an easy way to understand graphics from the basic bar and pie charts to more advanced chart types, tables, and maps. Select the chart type you want to use with your data.

Visualizations Gallery

ABI charts is any kind of informational display such as graphs, tables, and maps.

Refine your visualization by selecting different chart types, data series, and filters with real-time data updates. Choose from 60+ chart types.

Data science charts enable you to perform in-depth statistical analysis.

Custom your views

Create Annotation on the chart data for further commentary and discussion.

Create multi-period forecasting to predict changes beyond the current date and time.

Access real-time insights from your computer, tablet, or device for anytime, any place.

Find insights

Create filters on the region, timeframe, product & find insights quickly 

Refine the data by adding or removing data points, creating calculated fields, and filters.

Add more depth by adding pre-defined filters to show additional values & analyze data on the fly.

Pre-built dashboards.

ABI pre-built dashboards & reports are designed to get quick insights across roles and industries with 500+ KPIs

Sharing data and insights with employees and vendors. Bring your customers into an ecosystem and connect data to stay on top.

Get notified when goals are reached or delayed, Define thresholds and receive alerts when data deviates from your expectations

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