All in one platform

Data Transformation for Everyone

From business users to IT with simple Drag & Drop UI

AGx Data Preparation Engine

Easy to transform the data, which means you have the power of SQL without having to understand the language. With our drag & drop UI experience, people of any skill levels can cleanse, combine, and transform data sets, all without knowing SQL.

Combine Data Sources.

Combine data sets with different schemas by joining complex data sets. Get alerts when data transform fails

or processed successfully.

ABI's AGx can aggregate billions of rows in just minutes, offers flexible cross-data set comparisons.

Quickly join MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel, and hundreds

of other data sources.

Deploy your own custom code once, then automatically apply your business logic every time data updates.

NO code to Build Data Pipelines

ABI's AGx data prep - Simply drag and drop datasets and connections. AGx ETL allows you to visualize your data flows and preview operations on the fly.

Build your data pipelines directly in the ABI platform with our proprietary Integration AGx Prep.

Schedule your data pipeline to execute automatically, either on a set schedule or when inputs are updated.

Add, combine, map values and filter rows in your dataset from one column to another.

Custom Queries

Combine data the way you want, connect all of your data into ABI, and can manipulate it as need to. Combining Large data sets is simplified using SQL dataflows

Write SQL & refine scripts directly in ABI. Experts comfortable with SQL languages will appreciate the flexibility of the ABI SQL editor.

Use SQL for subqueries, advanced joins, and sub-selects.

Unlock the Data Scientist in YOU

ABI’s AGx ETL features to help you prepare and create advanced data Integrations with predictive data models,

Experts in R or Python can use their existing tools to complete processing on a dataset directly as part of AGx data processing.

Discover new insights with built-in data science to build statistical models, including Classification, Forecasting,

You don't have to be DATA scientist to Apply Machine Learning Algorithms (AI-ML).

Plug into your existing architecture

Integrate your existing tools with the ABI platform.