Self-Service Data Integration & Data Analytics Platform powered by AI-ML for anyone-everyone with LOW/NO Code !!!

About the Company 


Founded in 2019, We are growing, we have 15+ team members across different countries. The company has its presence in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Its partners & customers include the manufacturing, hospitality, retail, e-commerce, technology & financial services industries. 

What we offer

DATA Scientist in YOU.

Analogyx BI (ABI) is a realtime data streaming platform with inbuild Data Warehouse, along with 50+ visualization types with out of the box integrations & more.

Available On-Prem & On-Cloud to connect from 1000+ applications across your organization.


ABI BI Directional Connector

​even for Machine data (IoT)

ABI AGx Transformation Engine

(Drag & Drop ETL)

ABI EDW Datawarehouse

(*Data lake for realtime data streaming)

ABI VIz Gallery 

50+ Visualization Type

Analogyx BI Suite

Realtime Data Analytics Platform

Self Service Analytics

Data Integration & Analytics Platform.

Prebuild 500+ industry-specific KPIs

Prebuild 100+ ready to use Dashboard Templates.

Prebuild Connectors for CRM, ERP & for Social medial Apps.

Advanced Analytics, Predictive, Prescriptive & IoT Analytics.

Build your ANALYTICS!

Join our team!

Our mission at Analogyx BI is to continually develop and distribute a range of self-service BI, AL-ML & analytics solutions for SMBs, to explore and understand their data at their fingertip without having to

burden their IT !!!

Be a part of our growing TEAM, our Employees earn great compensation & benefits, your passion will get the opportunity to accelerate your career.


Analogyx BI Pvt Ltd.
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Sales Offices


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